Monday, June 17, 2013

New Paper Shredder in Office

Really glad the boss purchased new paper shredder in the office. Yay!!

We all never really happy like this before, maybe for some people this is an awkward things to be real happy with new shredder in office. But if you don't know, we are all here really hate to scratch and brake the paper with barehands.

Especially for the staff girls in the office, we want our hand clean. Breaking paper, smashing and scratching with hand or unhelped tool like scissor or cutter can make our hand not soft anymore, like a carpenter maybe. We makeup-ing every morning layering with lotions and spray with perfume before we go to office, and we we arrived there we need to break the paper with hand. If I can choose I will never do that thing, but when boss told us, what we can do?

This day, finally we are got a fellowes shredder. Even this is a basic one, we are so happy to have the machine here. And I think this is the in the world.

Hahaha... No doubt about it.

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