Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NEED YOUR SUPPORT: Open New Letterpress Wedding Invitation Printing Biz

I want to help people.

You can help me to help people.

Help some of them who still struggling after they are lose their job since 2008.

Never get any job after that.

And they still need to bring the food to the table for their family.

Here is my idea:

I want to open new letterpress invitation business.

That produce something like this:

letterpress wedding invitations

letterpress business cards

After some math and research, I got this number:


With that number in my pocket, I have a power to:

Buy This Heidelberg Windmill Machine.

Buy Industrial Model Paper Cutting Machine.

Huge Stock of Letterpress Paper and Ink for work.

Pay rent for 2 years in front, to put all of them together.

And at least 650 bucks for the first marketing campaign (FB Ads, Adwords and other).

No. I don't need you to send me money.

I can get it by contacting people here, and give the proposal, go to crowdfunding site and some other option.

But, if you want to give some, that will be awesome.

I Just Need Your Support

Share this page, Give me more idea, or just leave a comment.

It Can be huge push for me to reach the goal faster.

Thank You.

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